Unnayan Dhara and the Farmer Organization SKS observed the World Environment Day 2017 with a rally and indoor discussion meeting. The main slogan of the day was selected as “Let’s do organic farming for saving the life and nature”. The rally decorated with banner and T-shirt rounded through the¬†central roads of Jhenaidah town and merged with the rally organized by the Jhenaidah district administration.

In the indoor discussion meeting was held later on where the farmers, women, youth and UD staffs participated. The participants discussed about the irrational destructive activities of human beings in the world and even in the country and our surroundings for our own comfort, consumerism and luxury which are the main reasons of environmental destruction and climate change. They also said that the excessive use of poisonous agri-chemicals in the farming system are the main cause of biodiversity degradation and environmental pollution. Therefore, the changes must come within ourselves first. They emphasized that we must replace the present farming system with organic farming system for saving lives and nature. The participants expressed their firm determination to change the behaviors and practices of their own that cause environmental pollution and degradation.



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