Unnayan Dhara (UD), a reputed NGO, has been working for Sustainable Development of rural poor and under privileged people of Bangladesh through Sustainable Agricultural Development. It believes in people centered sustainable and participatory development approach. So, it prioritizes the development needs of the time and the rural farmers’ community both female and male. Its’ aims is to empower the poor people especially women folk, children and disabled people to restore their rights and takeover the responsibilities of self-help sustainable development.
‘Right to Food’ Act has been risen to the center of discussion at national circumference by the people’s demand along the last one and half decade. Moving forward with this, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh declares in the South Asian Conference on Right to Food, ‘Government will effort to ensure food and nutrition for all’. Along with the Prime Minister’s pledge Law Commission- Bangladesh develops the ‘Food Security Act (Draft ) 2016’.
Hence UD is inviting EoI from the competent “Translator” to Translate the following Act and draft law within the stipulated timeframe given below.

The Assignments and Timeline:
• Translation of “Bangladesh Food Security Act (draft) 2016” and “Citizen review of the draft law done by KHANI” in English language.

Deadline for submission of EoI: 30 October, 2017.

Required Competency/Experience:
• Having enough previous experiences in translating work.
• Having expertise in English language.
• Previous experience of work in the field of Food Security and Agricultural Sector preferably in the field of Sustainable/Ecological Agriculture will get special priority.

The interested person/Translator having the above-mentioned experiences and competencies are requested to submit their EoI with a CV/firm profile by 5.00pm of 30 October 2017 to the Executive Director Unnayan Dhara, 61 HSS Road, Jhenaidah or through email to unnayan_dhara@yahoo.com.
Any EoI submitted after the deadline will automatically be disqualified. For further query please contact to the Phone: 0451-63462; Mobile: 01709924254. Please also visit our website: www.unnayandhara.org for the soft copy of the EoI.

Md. Shahidul Islam
Executive Director


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