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Lokaj Bazar is a marketing initiative of Lokaj Ecofriendly Agri-Enterprise (LEFAE). Lokaj Bazar is an alternative value chain of agricultural products which is established with a view to ensuring profitable price of the farmers’ products and safe & nutritious food for the consumers at reasonable price. UD has been facilitating the process of developing the alternative market model jointly led by Farmer Organization and UD by using limited supports from its development partners through learning by doing and participatory process. The policies & management systems of the enterprise are also being developed through a participatory process. The conceptual model of the market system is given below.


Contribute to Sustainable Development of farmers and Food Security of Bangladesh.


  • To ensure the profitable price of farmers products and thus increase the income of the small, marginal & landless farmers.
  • To supply safe & nutritious food for consumers at reasonable price.

The Conceptual Model of Lokoj Bazar

 (Alternative value chain against the traditional one)

Lokaj Supply Chain

Unique Features of the Enterprise

A. Types of the Products

The agricultural products which are produced, preserved and marketed by the company are eco-friendly, safe and health hazard free, highly nutritive and health friendly and high cash value. The products are qualified as organic and pesticide free and safe by nature .as described below-

i. Organic: The organic agricultural products are produced without using any chemical fertilizer and pesticide. Both the direct and their value added products are organically produced avoiding any environmental hazard and violation of human, women and child rights. The products are certified by the PGS committee (Participatory Guarantee System).

ii. Pesticide Free: The agricultural products or crops which are produced without using any chemical pesticides but judicial use of chemical fertilizer along with organic manure.

iii. Safe Produces: The crops are produced following all safety measures in application of chemical pesticides for pest management.

iv. Crops of Indigenous Varieties: In the context of raising awareness of the people of all categories about the terrible consequences of introduction of genetically modified (GM) crop varieties and climate change negative impact in Bangladesh, more and more people are looking for fresh produces of indigenous crop varieties. Considering this, the company is giving emphasis on purchasing and selling of the crops of indigenous varieties.

v. Herbal products: The food or non-food items having medicinal values which are good for health and produced from medicinal plants or crops.

B. Production System:

The organic and safe food products which are produced by using organic methods & technologies are sold through Lokaj Bazar supply chain after proper processing, grading and packaging. The producer farmers specially the women produce their vegetables, indigenous livestock & poultry, eggs, milk, handmade food items, fruits and other crops, under collective planning of SKS by following the BOAN-BARI-PGS standard. The killed staffs of UD provide training & technical support to the producers on continuous basis.  UD also provide need based inputs for ensuring production of quality organic products.

C. Quality Control System:

Quality is controlled by following PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) and the standard introduced by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI). There are PGS committees in every villages  composed of Local Civil society people or reliable persons including school teacher, Religious leader, Social leaders who closely monitor the production process of organic crops throughout the growing season by following the PGS standard and give PGS certificates to the organic crops. Lokaj Bazar is seriously concerned about Traditional Bengali Food Culture as well as food safety & nutrition in producing organic or safe food crops by the enlisted farmers.

D. Pricing System:

The enterprise has a plan to introduce a fixed pricing system after adding reasonable profit with the cost of production in order to ensure profitable price for the producers in all market condition. The pricing system is yet to introduced because for this both producers and consumers need to be agreed upon the system. For this their mindset and existing behavioral pattern also needed to be changed. However, at present the prices are being fixed firstly considering the benefit of both producers & consumers comparing to the contemporary market price of the similar products though those are inorganic.

E. Product Collection and Marketing System:

The perishable food items like vegetables, fruits, fruits, eggs, local chickens, ducks, pigeons etc. are directly collected from the women producers with the help of farmer organization SKS in order to supply to the consumers as fresh after due sorting, grading, cleaning and packaging. On the other hand, the nonperishable items are either preserved by the producers or producer organizations as well as by Lokaj Enterprise to store in its own warehouse in order to supply to the consumers after due processing throughout the year. The supply is done either through own outlet of Lokaj Bazar or through the other like-minded market entrepreneurs.

After harvesting the products are procured by LEFAE and preserve either at local level preservation centre or central preservation centre (at processing centre of UD). Then the enterprise procure necessary processing services from the local rice mill, pulse mill, oil mills etc. for producing finished products. The the enterprise packages the finished product to sell through its lokaj bazar market channel. The branded and packed products are sold through the dealers and retailers in a wholesale manner. The enterprise also develop local entrepreneurs within and outside of the farmer organizations to get finished products like handmade puffed rice, flatten rice, rice powder, dry handmade cakes from rice etc. So, there are service relationships of the Enterprise with the existing market actors like local entrepreneurs, millers, traders and other market actors on the basis of providing quality services as per demand of the enterprise.

The enterprise has already established four Lokaj Bazar outlets among them three are at local market level and one at Jhenaidah town. LEFAE has also established linkage with 6 safe food market enterprises at Dhaka named i. Swasti Limited (Mohammadpur), ii. Prakritik Krishi (Mohammadpur), iii. Dahuk (Mohammadpur), iv. Sunkrishibazar (Mirpur) v. Astha Limited (Mirpur) and vi. Shuddha Krishi (Green Road). A good amount of products are being supplied to the outlets once in a week. Moreover, the enterprise has planned to establish its own enterprise at Dhaka city centre by this year.

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Concept of LEFAE

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