Farmer Organization Development

UD believes that Strong and Independent Farmer Organization is the key to Sustainable Development of the Farmer/Peasants Community of Bangladesh.

Mobilization & Raising Farmers' Voice

Now-a-days the farmers specially the smallholders are entrapped into the trap of corporate agriculture. The existing agriculture system led by corporate and traders…

Awareness Raising Through Cultural Media

Cultural media is a powerful tool for raising awareness of farmers and people as a whole. Moreover, the traditional peoples’ culture is endangered now-a-days…..

Advocacy & Campaign

One of the working principles of UD is “Work locally but think globally” because in the era of globalization the local issues are also aligned with global issues. Moreover, active participation of the people…

Promotion of Organic Farming Technologies

UD has been promoting different organic farming technologies to the farmers through training, demonstration, action research and regular technical support to the farmers….

Organic Production

By using the organic farming technologies the farmers are producing different crops, livestock, fishes etc. UD has been facilitation support to the farmers and the SKS to produce different organic products …

Organic Marketing

At present there is no specific market channel for organic products in Bangladesh. In order to facilitate the marketing of organic products of the farmers UD has been trying to develop a market channel …

Study and Research

UD has been conducting different thematic studies on the issues of food security & sustainable agriculture and action researches on organic farming technologies and indigenous varieties of different crops…

Biodiversity Conservation

Due to aggression of monoculture based chemical agriculture the rich biodiversity of the country is endangered. Bangladesh was a rich source of valuable medicinal plants, more than 12,500 varieties …

Women & Agriculture

Women are the key working force in agriculture of Bangladesh. In fact, the women pay even more labour in agriculture production, post harvest handling, crop & seed preservation etc….

Unnayan Dhara (UD) is a non government voluntary development organization incepted in 1992 by a group of social activists with a vision of contributing to developing a peaceful and just society in Bangladesh where all people enjoy poverty free, happy, prosperous and dignified life. Since inception UD has been working with a mission to create a process of participatory development and social structural change towards equal rights and sustainable livelihood of the poor, marginal and underprivileged people. UD was registered under Department of Social Service (reg. no.77/93) in 1993 and under NGO Affairs Bureau (reg. no.1119/97) in 1997.          





Case Study on Open Water Fish Farming

Case Study on Open Water Fish Farming

Early and excessive rainfall that causes water logging and flash flood during last few years have become a severe problem in the study area specially in cultivating aman rice. As a result, the standing crops specially aman rice are being damaged and the farmers have...


হরিপদ কাপালীর হরিধান এবং উন্নয়ন ধারার উদ্যোগ

হরিপদ কাপালীর হরিধান এবং উন্নয়ন ধারার উদ্যোগ

১৯৯৯ সালের কথা। ঝিনাইদহ জেলার সদর উপজেলার হলিধানী ইউনিয়নের আসাননগর গ্রামের ক্ষুদ্র কৃষক হরিপদ কাপালী একদিন যখন তাঁর আমন ধানের জমিতে আগাছা নিড়াচ্ছিলেন তখন একটি ধানের গোছা তাঁর মনোযোগ আকর্ষণ করে। তিনি লক্ষ করেন যে গোছাটি অন্যসব গোছা থেকে আলাদা। গোছাটি যেমন অন্যসব গোছা...

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